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Top 4 Organizations Supporting Women and Girls around Israel

In every society, women and girls help to strength the community. The chance to do this should be something universal to all. Israel’s Declaration of Independence states, the country will “ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants” this includes women and girls. Here are four incredible organizations showing that the values our country was founded on are still alive and well (in no particular order).

The Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center – #MeToo. A hashtag that has crossed countries, races, religions, ethnic groups and cultural backgrounds. The Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center provides women and men with a supportive outlet and education for the greater community. For years volunteers have been at the forefront of the center’s mission. Now, in order to involve a greater audience, they are spreading a message of “Kehila Tomechet” or “supporting community” to unite women around Jerusalem. Providing a platform for women to speak up for a safer, more equal Jerusalem and uniting in the message that “you are not alone.” Donate Now!

Aluma – For a long time religious girls have been deprived of the information necessary to make a proper decision about serving in their country after high school. “Serving With Faith”, a program run by Aluma, goes into religious communities to educate girls regarding their options. Recently this program has been under great criticism and opposition as some believe that women serving in the IDF contradicts several religious and societal traditions. The program does not aim to push anyone into the IDF or national service, but rather provides girls with a holistic image of their options, allowing them to make an educated decision and right for them. Donate Now!

The Eden Center – For many women, going to the mikveh is a routine within their lives that provides meaning, confidence and insight. In Jerusalem alone, there is currently only one mikveh accessible to women with physically disabled. The Eden Center has launched a campaign, “Immersion in Inclusion” to focus on supporting women with disabilities in their mikveh needs. Everyone should have the choice and opportunity to use the Mikvah. In order to create a better world it is our responsibility to strive to ensure that all have access to the same experiences. Donate Now!

Ateret Chaya Mushka – Going to school in a building that is rickety, exposed to the elements, crowded, temporary at best and uncomfortable is not an appropriate learning environment for anyone. The Ateret Chaya Mushka of Betar Ilit is a school for girls ages 3-18. While the school continues to thrive and prosper the building continues to deteriorate. The school aims to develop the next generation of girls, empowered, self-assured and educated. Currently all donations are being multiplied by 3. Donate Now!


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