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Four Creative and Simple Goals for 2018

2018 has arrived and just about now many of us are struggling to follow through on our resolutions. Self improvement is worthwhile but never easy. In order to succeed, it is important that you decide upon simple and easy goals and create plans for implementing them. Therefore, we at Jgive wanted to help by providing you with a couple of clear and achievable goals when it comes to your charitable work. Remember every person can be a small charitable foundation when they want to be!

  1. The mini charity fund – Every day stick a coin (or bill if you’re feeling feisty!) of your choice into a nice tin. At the end of each month, go to, donate an amount of money equal to what is in the tin and put the money in your wallet. This method will provide you with a sense of accomplishment and will make the act of giving a part of your daily routine. For bonus points, do this with a group of friends or family in order to create a sense of accountability and increase the amount of money that is being given!
  2. Get a paycheck, get a tax deduction – Pick a small percentage, maybe a number between 1 and 5. Every time you get a paycheck, go to and give that percentage to a charity of your choice. Not only will you be making your voice heard in Israel and providing important support to the causes you care about, but you will be building up to quite a healthy tax deduction!
  3. Donate your social media space – Maybe you don’t have much to give in terms of money, but you may not realize how valuable your Facebook profiles and tweets are. Once a month, find a project on, and post it to your profiles with a short post as to why you like the project. You’ll be providing the charity with vital exposure even if just a few people see it. Make the 1st of every month charity day!
  4. Become an expert in your field – What really moves you? Whatever it is, there’s probably a few charities on that speak to that passion. These charities are improving Israel’s stature in your passion every day! Every week take 25 minutes to read up on the charities and really get to know their work. Keep track of your impressions in a notebook (or a blog!). When you feel confident that you’ve read through them all, let your friends know on social media which charity you think is best or what distinguishes between those charities. Congratulations! You’ve become an expert charity consultant! Next stop, fancy meetings in offices with leather bound books.


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