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Choosing an Israeli charity that’s right for you in 8 minutes!

So you know you love Israel and you know you would like to shape Israeli society through a donation to one of the hundreds of Israeli organizations that work to do so every day. However, how the heck are you supposed to choose which ones to donate to?

At Jgive, we know that your money and time are precious commodities so we wrote this article to help you decide.

Step 1: Pick one or two general categories that mean the most to you

Which causes make your heart race when you hear about them? Do you want to help feed the hungry? Provide support to IDF soldiers? Save our furry companions? Help at risk youth? Donate to Jewish religious causes? On Jgive, we have 18 categories of causes. Pick one or two to search through to find the right charity. (We even have a Road Safety category!!!!).

Step 2: Scroll through the charities in the category

Every charity uploads some text and some pictures when the join Jgive. Do any stand out to you? Frequently, the first line of the text, before you click on the charity or project, will give you an idea of what you’re donating to. Maybe you prefer a project focusing on helping a single family, maybe you want to donate to an overarching charity. It’s all there. Every time you find one that might be interesting, right click on it and select “Open link in new tab.”

Step 3: Read!

Each charity will have written a short piece about the charity and about their project. Read each one (should take about 45 seconds each) and see which description speaks to you.

Step 4: Tiebreaker Time

At this point you should have it narrowed down to just a few options. If you just can’t decide, scroll to the bottom of the page until you reach “Jgive’s transparency index”. This will show you how much of your donation will go to the charity’s overhead and how much will go to the cause itself. It will also show you how many paid employees the charity has and how many volunteers.

Step 5: Sharing is caring

With the remaining 39 seconds of your eight minutes, share your choice with your friends and family so that everyone can participate!  

About is a non profit that aims to connect between Donors worldwide and Israeli charities in a direct, efficient and transparent way.


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