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Amazon, Uber, Airbnb and now… Jgive: Disrupting Charity

Disruption might end up being the most important term of the early 21st century. For the most part, it has been for-profit industries that have been under the gun. However, non-profits are beginning to understand the power of utilizing technology in unique ways to make social initiatives more efficient and transparent. As a result, more people are connecting to the causes that mean the most to them, something that is sure to change our society for the better. Here’s what the industry leaders like Jgive understood when examining the charity industry.


Problem: Large foundations fail to provide a sense of connection to the causes they support

Solution: Smaller, more direct campaigns

Giving to major foundations like the United Way used to be the norm for donors. The foundations would then divide that money. However, younger generations are longing for personal connections and assurances that their limited resources are being used effectively. Information is now key. Crowdfunding projects allow donors to know exactly where their money is going and how much is needed. They can see the faces of the people who are receiving their donations and get in touch with those who are organizing the project. This creates a sense of involvement that is irreplacable.


Problem: How can we track how our money is being spent?

Solution: More transparency

When donors send their money to a charity, they trust that the charity will use the funds in good faith. In the old system it was very hard to find out what percentage of the money was actually being used to help the cause in question and how much was going to pay salaries. With Jgive’s helpful transparency circle, you can see exactly that. With today’s cynicism it is important to provide clear and accurate information to donors.     


Problem: Letters? Phone calls? Really?

Solution: Charity moves online

(Tax refunds, sharing with your friends)


The traditional ways of donation solicitation are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Snail mail and land lines just aren’t what they used to be and people are using traditional forms of payment (checks and cash) less. Organizations that are serious about fundraising need to be operating online. Jgive operates like an online mall, where users can browse through different charities and then when they find what they want, can donate with a few clicks. Tax receipts are collected in one easily accessible place and sharing your donation with your friends is easy.  


Problem: Just dropping money is no fun

Solution: More activities that are attached to the charitable giving

They say giving is better than receiving, but that doesn’t make it easy. We work hard for that money and giving should not be taken as a given. Those who make the commendable step to share some of what they have with society should have as much fun as possible doing so. Internet crowdfunding allows us to share and advocate for the causes in which we believe. It makes giving more active and more fun. What we have fun doing, we’re likely to do more.

About is a non profit that aims to connect between Donors worldwide and Israeli charities in a direct, efficient and transparent way.


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