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7 Amazing Israeli Organizations for 70 years!!!!

Israel is looking pretty good for 70 years old. With almost 9 million citizens, low unemployment and a higher standard of living than much of the world, we have come a long way in a short amount of time. It is only in the last decade or so that Israeli non-profits have really begun to take the lead in shaping civil society. In that time, these organizations have been providing key support for all of Israel. So in the midst of our barbecues and flyovers let us take a moment to appreciate and donate to seven great non-profits on Israel’s 70th birthday. Click the links to visit their Jgive profiles!

  1. Zemereshet – A wholly unique non-profit with a special place in Israeli society, Zemereshet is dedicated to preserving the songs that built the state. The non-profit site is for anyone looking for that tune they heard from their grandmother long ago. It is also great if you’re looking to strengthen your own Zionist bonafides.
  2. SHEKEL – Israel can be proud of the advancements it has made in incorporating people with special needs into society. SHEKEL has been a large part of that work by supporting job training for the community. They also help them find work having integrated almost 1,000 people into the job market. Israel will only continue thriving if it can utilize all of its citizens and SHEKEL is a big part of that!
  3. Metiv: The Israel Psychotrauma Center – There would be no Israel without the work of the IDF. While on Yom Hazikaron we recognize the physical sacrifices made by so many, we sometimes forget the emotional sacrifices made by those who may even come back whole. Metiv helps soldiers dealing with trauma in order to improve their quality of life. They research PTSD and help to train professionals to work with soldiers processing their service. Hopefully, with Metiv’s work those who protect Israel can lead normal lives.
  4. Citizens for the Environment – One of Israel’s most special characteristics is its environment. From the sands of the Negev to the wadis of the Golan who can forget a tiyul around our great country. Citizens for the Environment works to bring the environment and public health to the forefront of government policy. Their work will help preserve the natural gifts that Israel has been blessed with.
  5. Lonely, But Not Alone – Israel has a special obligation to the Holocaust survivors living in its midst. We as a community must provide whatever we can for those who went through hell because they were Jewish. Lonely, but Not Alone is a project by The Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel. It sends over 2,500 volunteers to meet regularly with survivors around the country. In addition the organize trips and cultural events to ensure that they have a support network. Leave no survivor lonely!
  6. A Meaningful Independence – While celebrating Independence Day we should not forgot those who took the first steps in getting us to 70 years. The founding fathers and mothers of Israel number far more than those few who were in charge of political decisions. They include all the pioneers who worked to build the cities and farmed on the kibbutzim. This project sends people around the country to hand flowers and letters of appreciation to this special generation.
  7. 70 Tefillin Sets for 70 Soldiers – This project, run by the International Young Israel Movement, will replace 70 broken sets of Tefillin (phylacteries) at army bases around the country. These sets of Tefillin are used by religious soldiers who want to take a brief moment from their days to pray. The project will allow them to do so in the ideal way according to their wishes.


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