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4 Great Israeli Environmental and Animal Rights Charities

Nature happens to be one of Israel’s greatest features so it’s good that there are organizations who are focused on protecting it. Here are 4 awesome organizations working for the environment and animals in Israel (in no particular order).

  1. SPCA Israeli Ramat Gan & Vicinity – Everyone knows the name of SPCA when it comes to animal rights and the branch in Ramat Gan is a great example. They go far beyond advocating for animal rights undertaking a number of projects including educational activities in schools, encouraging volunteer services and working with the government to strengthen ties between animals and humans. All this in addition to resucing, sheltering, feeding, caring for and overssing adoptions for animals. Donate here!. Read more here!
  2. Citizens for the Environment – Citizens for the Environment is an award winning organization that works on lobbying the government for greater environmental protection. It fights for the health of all Israel’s citizens and works on the national and local level. The organization has published reports on offenses by companies and the importance of municipal transparency. In addition, they help to publicize the importance of environmental advocacy to the general public. Donate here! Read more here!
  3. Meatless Monday Israel –  Meatless Monday works to reduce meat consumption in Israel thereby helping both animals AND the environment. Over 300,000 people have joined their Meatless Monday initiative as well as some of Israel’s leading government and business institutions such as the Knesset and Teva. They promote the health and environmental benefits of sustainable food choices. Donate here! Read more here (in Hebrew)!
  4. Teva Ivri – Teva Ivri approaches environemental activism from a Jewish perspective. They prepare materials that connect Jewish tradition to positive environmental practices. In addition, they run a Jerusalem based volunteer program that works to clean, maintain and grow community gardens and urban nature sites and provide Rabbis and community activists with ideas for the “greening” of their institutions and neigherhoods. Donate here! Read more here!       
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