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4 Fantastic Israeli Defense Force Charities

There is no Israel without the brave and hard work of the IDF and its soldiers. Whether you served or not, it is easy to appreciate this group of special young men and women. For those of you who want to show your appreciation, here are 5 great charities (in no particular order) that support various aspects of the IDF.


  1. Shachar – While most Israelis go to the army immediately after high school, some take a year to train themselves physically and mentally. The year in between prepares them to serve in some of the IDF’s most advanced units. Shachar provides dorms and programming for these young adults and introduces them to different army units and ideas, helping them to clarify their goals upon enlistment. Shachar also helps their soldiers to process their army service while serving and to find their way after a meaningful service. In addition to all this, Shachar provides programming for soldiers whose families are not in Israel helping to support Israel’s unique international character. Donate here
  2. The Israel Goldstein Youth Village – The Village is not strictly an IDF centered charity. Primarily they provide a place to live and learn to youth from disadvantaged backgrounds and new immigrants who are here alone. In addition to its main work, The Village provides an army preparatory program for new immigrants from the Former Soviet Union that helps to connect them to Zionism, Judaism and the State of Israel. The Village is also building a residence for lone soldiers who were in the program that will help to provide them with a home that they otherwise may not have. Being able to go on leave from the army and return to a comfortable place is key for soldiers’ being able to focus on their service. Donate here

  3. ShualThe Shual Foundation accompanies soldiers from their active service through their post-army veteran life. During training, the organization meets with soldiers to provide emotional and material aid. Lone soldiers whose families are not in Israel receive special attention and assistance as the Foundation makes sure that Israel feels like home. Shual hosts workshops for veterans to help them through post army life and have provided almost 500,000 NIS in university scholarships to 88 veterans who come from less fortunate economic backgrounds. The Foundation also works to memorialize the unit’s fallen soldiers and to help their families because those who made the greatest sacrifice should always be honored. Donate here!
  4. Pre-Army Torah Academy Beit Yatir – The Torah Academy is also a pre-army preparatory academy, but emphasises Jewish values, Torah and tradition. The Academy boasts of more than 50 high ranking officers from their ranks amongst their 2,000 graduates. The students prepare for their service by studying Torah, working in agriculture, cooking, cleaning and survival and navigation exercises. Upon graduating, alumni remain a large part of the Academy. Donate here


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