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3 Things to Know about Getting Tax Refunds on Donations to Israel

  1. Most people are terrible at getting tax refunds…don’t be.

According to recent reports, the IRS has more than $1 billion worth of unclaimed tax refunds. While your kindness to Uncle Sam is admirable, I think we all know that  you could spend that $700 better. The first step is to make sure that you are claiming all the refunds due to you from charitable donations. Whenever you make a donation to a certified non-profit, always ask for a digital or physical receipt and file it away. When donating to Israeli charities, make sure you donate through Jgive or else you won’t be able to get a valid American receipt. If you donate through Jgive, your donation is guaranteed tax deductible and we’ll gather all your receipts in one place for you to print out when you’re ready!


  1. Speaking of the smart people…31% of giving occurs in December and 12% in the last 3 days!

The wisdom of crowds is well established and here the crowd is onto something. 12% of all charitable giving occurs in 0.8% of the year! Supporting non-profits helps society, feels great around the holidays and best of all, you can get a nice check to spend on a rainy day. When you give to Israel, you get the added benefit of being able to influence a young and malleable society. So play your part today!


  1. Not all Israeli  tax donations are refundable

Many organizations that call themselves non-profits or charities have not yet received official certification from the government. Furthermore, when donating from the US, you must make sure you donate through a recognized channel. is such a channel. On, all donations made are tax deductible in the US and Canada, so donate with peace in mind.

So what else do you need to know? Go to before December 31 to make a tax deductible donation to the charity of your choice.

About is a non profit that aims to connect between Donors worldwide and Israeli charities in a direct, efficient and transparent way.


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