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3 Purim Campaigns, 3 Purim Mitzvot

There are four mitzvot of Purim and three of them are able to be accomplished through the three organizations below. While it may be easiest to hear/read the Megillah and make hamentashen to give to friends, Purim is also a time for charity. In Israel, Purim is a three day holiday. Three days of the year that people all around the country look forward to no matter their level of religious observance. This is a holiday of culmination and togetherness, something that can be provided through all of the organizations below. (Listed in no particular order)

Purim project – Looking for an organization completely run by volunteers? The Purim project, run by Hesed Modiin, is exactly that. Throughout the year they distribute warm food to families, and facilitate tzedaka based activities in cooperation with the city’s schools. This purim they are aiming to give families a respectable and festive meal. With 300₪ you can provide a family with a basic meal and with 500₪ a broad based meal. Ensure everyone is able to celebrate such a joyous holiday. Donate now!

Adopt a student for Purim – This Purim, Mechinat Beit Yatir has a campaign to help us all fulfill the mitzvah of “Mahatzit Hashekel”. Thousands of students around Israel take a gap year between high school and their required army service through Mechinot programs. Students from a low socio-economic background attend the Mechina though discounts on tuition. The Mechina faces a large challenge as monetary needs have to be met in order for the program to function. Donate and help students have this life changing experience and fulfill a Purim mitzvah.

Mavoi Satum – Already planning to go to a party this Purim? Why not make it one that benefits others? Mavoi Satum is throwing a massive dance party and you won’t want to miss out! Helping women through providing support and legal representation, Mavoi Satum advocates for women who have been refused a Jewish divorce (Get). They do all this while at the same time supporting laws that comply with Halacha. Make a party more than a party but something you do to make a change, while having tons of fun.


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